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Platinum 100% Creatine 2500

Micronized Creatine to Support Lean Muscle and Increase Strength*
Ultra-Pure Micronized Creatine Caplets.


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Brand: MuscleTech

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Creatine is the most researched supplement available today and has been helping bodybuilders make gains in size and strength for over 20 years! In fact, out of every supplement in sports nutrition history, it’s likely that bodybuilders and other athletes have made more gains from creatine than nearly every other supplement combined! Platinum 100% Creatine 2500 provides your muscles with the world’s highest quality and most clinically researched form of micronized creatine. Creatine monohydrate (one creatine molecule with one water molecule) is the original form of creatine, and still to this day many experts claim that this form of creatine – which has been the subject of more studies than any other – has yet to be improved upon. Platinum 100% Creatine 2500 provides a full 2,500mg of creatine monohydrate per 3-caplet serving – making it the perfect addition to any supplement stack!

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