Clear Muscle Next Gen 84 Softgels

৳ 4,800.00 ৳ 4,500.00

  • Ultimate muscle builder.
  • Build 3.5x the muscle.
  • Accelerate recovery.
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Clear Muscle Next Gen is everything you love about the original Clear Muscle, now in a super-concentrated, single-pill dose. It supplies a revolutionary musclebuilding compound called BetaTOR®, which is a unique, cutting-edge metabolite and free acid derivative of leucine and HMB. This one-of-a-kind compound unlocks the true potential of HMB for unprecedented bioavailability, effectiveness and results. BetaTOR® works to dramatically amplify protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway while simultaneously fighting muscle breakdown by inhibiting the UPP pathway. This puts the body into the perfect state to build muscle. There is no other supplement like this, and it is exclusively available to MuscleTech in a clear liquid pill.


Clear Muscle Next Gen reveals all ingredients and dosages, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. Many other musclebuilding products hide their ingredient dosages in proprietary blends – leaving you to guess just what is in them and how much.



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